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Why Consign to William Hughes’ Vintage Collectables?

There are actually a number of sound reasons why consigning to W.H.V.C. may be the best way to maximize the value of your treasures. Here are a few:
1) Experience:
I have been a regular face “on the scene” of several of the hottest hobbies for many years now – *Comic Books * Movie Posters * Baseball Cards * Sports Memorabilia *
For over 45 years, I have attended the major conventions and hobby auctions and continue to be a high-seniority booth holder at some of the biggest hobby shows each year. Many of you have been buying, selling and trading with me at these shows for so many years now, that I feel like we’ve grown up together. I also have been bidding in the collectibles auctions held by most of the “Majors” since they started their offerings within “my” field of expertise. I continue to have working relationships with those that still offer “my” product line.
2) I’ve also consulted and from time to time and still consult  to many of these auction companies and am frequently called upon to authenticate or appraise memorabilia and nostalgic items for them. I’ve been a “guest” cataloger for some of these “houses” and am recognized as a contributor in many of “their” catalogs.
I am a “Senior Advisor” to the Official Comic Book Price Guide by Robert Overstreet and still continue to gather and submit data for the new edition each year.
3) I am a “Charter Dealer Member" (#11) of CGC’s (Comics Guaranty, LLC) authorized group of dealers and have been one of their biggest submitters over the years. I'm also a member of the ACNA (Antiques & Collectibles National Association) and am a yearly recipient of eBay's Certificate of Excellence award.
4) I’ve been a guest columnist in various hobby publications over the years and have given too many television, radio and newspaper interviews to list (or even remember).
5) I was instrumental in putting the deal together between Greg Manning Auctions and Bonhams & Butterfields auction houses and the ‘Rock’ band “KISS” for the sale of the vast majority of their career-collected memorabilia. The 2001 Los Angeles auction did approximately $1,600,000 and another $300,000+ was sold subsequently.
6) I was also instrumental in the deal that brought the Academy Award winning actor, Nicolas Cage’s comic book collection to the auction block. The October 2002 auction in Dallas brought over $1,700,000.
7) I put the deal together for the buyout of World’s Finest Comics by Greg Manning Auctions for $960,000 and the subsequent sale of much of the same inventory and more to ‘The Mint’ for approximately $2,400,000.
8) On behalf of GMAI, I bought the fabled collection of Jack Kirby original comic art from long-time collector Tony Christopher, which consisted of over 900 pages of Kirby art that included some of the earliest and most important known Silver-Age Marvel pages as well as other fabulous original art by Steve Ditko, Neal Adams, Bill Everett and others. Purchase price $1,100,000.
9) I’ve bought, sold and traded collectibles in every conceivable way, including through trade shows, my own auction (live and telephone) and auctions that I’ve conducted for other “houses”. In all, I have been involved in the retailing, wholesaling and auctioning of over $40,000,000 worth of collectibles over a span of 45 years.
10) I advance cash to consignors for the opportunity to represent them in the task of selling their collectibles effectively. Achieving the best results from the sale of those treasured items is my main goal as the consignee.
11) My consignment rates are extremely competitive, ranging from only 9% for certified items (already certified) and 15%-60% for bulk collections and eBay listings, depending on the total value of the collection and the average lot value. Please inquire about these rates to negotiate the most suitable deal for your collection, keeping in mind that we continuously get more for the lower grade and cheaper items on eBay than the competition and are extremely competitive with prices achieved for higher grade and expensive items through my website auctions. When sales are made, cash advances and the consignment fee will be deducted from proceeds, then the balance of the proceeds from the sales will be paid to the consignor within 45 business days of the sale date. Let me say now, that it rarely takes the full consignment term to sell the consigned items and usually takes far less time than it would take to go through a similar consignment process at other auction houses, with no guarantee if your items will be sold or not, then have to wait nearly two more months for payment after the sale date.

12) All consigned items are fully insured for the duration of the consignment period while in the possession of W.H.V.C. or in transit back to the consignor if unsold.
13) Consignments get great exposure through my direct mailings, to the nearly 20,000 Active Customers on my email and mailing lists from a variety of hobbies (which means potential cross-over customers as well), paid advertising, hobby articles and direct solicitation to clients known to have interest in your items.
14) Auctions:
I have auctioned some of the choicest collector’s items ever to hit the block, and as stated above, have also assisted in many successful auctions conducted by other enterprises as well. I am not currently working on any scheduled auction so I can devote my undivided attention to your consignments entrusted to W.H.V.C., as well as auctioning special groups and collections from time-to-time. Email and advance direct mailings will be sent to everyone on the mailing list to notify them of these events.
So Why Wait? Call Me Right Away to Discuss What You Have to Offer. Or, More Importantly, What I Have to Offer You!
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