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Hello Fellow Mag Collectors!

As a magazine collector myself, I have searched the world diligently for high grade mags that are have been elusive to the average collector, and for this reason I have been able to build some of the best magazine collections in the hobby, besides my own of course. The avid mag collectors come to me because they know that I am always watching what goes on in the magazine marketplace and react accordingly, such as in 2006 when long-time collector and Disney artist/writer Don Rosa decided to sell his magazines. I was on the spot and bought all that were available. Nearly $100,000 worth in all! Many collectors were able to get one or more elusive mags from this collection. This is just one example, so please, contact me with your want list. I can help! My website also offers the best selection of magazines in the hobby, so take a look, you may find what you've been looking for.