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Movie Poster Grade Definitions

Near Mint / Mint : Basically an unused poster, free from defects other than signs of natural aging (this can include this slightest traces of wear at fold line and perhaps a bit of minor toning along edges of poster).

Near Mint: A slightly used poster that is still completely intact and retains its fresh appearance, strong colors (or gloss on some posters) and great eye appeal. A poster in this grade may have one fine pin hole in each corner and possibly some very minor separation of paper at cross-folds and minor toning along edges, but no tape stains, creasing, or paper loss.

Very Fine: A clean and complete poster that still retains bright colors and the appearance of having been used only sparingly. A poster in this grade may have a few pin holes, a few minor tears at edges and/or at fold- lines, a minimal amount of paper loss and minor toning at edges.

Fine: A Fine condition poster will usually exhibit wear at corners, edges, fold-lines and might have minor scuffing or scratching. Only small chips or tears are acceptable for this grade, and of course the common pin holes or staples holes, fold-line separation and toning along edges.

Very Good: This is probably the average condition that a vintage poster will show up in. a poster in this grade should still have colors that are not faded, supple paper and reasonable eye appeal. A Very Good condition poster may have a number of pin holes or staple holes in each corner and other areas, slightly advanced tearing along fold lines, a few small chips at edges or corners, slight discoloration (but again, no fading of colors) and small tapes stains or writing.

Good, Fair, Poor: These are grades that you will rarely, if ever, see listed on this website. Posters in these grades are in various stages of distress beyond that of a Very Good condition poster. Posters in these grades would require lots of restoration to make them presentable and I do not carry items that have lots of restoration.

Linen-backing: The purpose of linen-backing a poster can be for cosmetic appeal or conservation and longevity of the poster itself. Most of the posters that I offer are linen-backed mainly for the purpose of flattening out the natural fold-lines that exist due to vintage posters having originally been sent folded to the movie houses. I do not buy or try to sell posters that have had extensive restoration overhauls. If there is ever a case where I do offer an extremely rare poster that may only exist in bad shape, I will disclose the extent of work done to it if it is backed. The linen-backing process is normally used for American one sheets and larger, French one panels and larger and Italian one panels and larger. The smaller posters are usually paper-backed, which is similar to linen-backing with the exception of paper stock being used instead of linen.